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Want Increased Profits, Sell More!

February 24th, 2012 · No Comments

Optometry Consulting: If you Want Increased Profits in your Optometry Practice,   Sell More!

Increased profits start and end with your staff’s ability to close a sale.

More sales equal increased profits, period.  While this may appear to be an obvious statement, within many optical practice’s this is a lost concept.  Many opticians generally do not think of themselves as “sales people”, and see “sales” as one aspect of their job, not their primary job function.  While this is great in theory, in reality, many opticians have jobs simply to sell product to the patient.

If you want increased profits, you have to create a strategy that will enable

Optometry Consulting: Increased Profits, Sell More

Want Increased Profits, Sell More

this to happen within your practice.

Here are a few tips to help your practice sell more product and increase profits:

Increased Profits Tip #1: Set Sales Goals.

Often times sales numbers slump because there is a lack of accountability to making sales.  Setting sales goals each month will give your staff a goal to work towards and identifies a level of “sales” expectation that may be missing in your practice.

Establish your goals based on averages for each month from the last 2-4 years.  These goals should include total sales, multiple pair sales, and accessory sales.  Having these goals will provide you with an idea of where you’ve been and will help you identify where you want to be going forward.  Be sure to make these sales goals reasonable and reachable (especially at the beginning) and explain how these goals were determined.

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Increased Profits Tip #2: Conduct Consumer & Sales Training.

Sales training is a great way to increase your staff’s sales skills, and it will aid in them become better sales professionals.  Sales training mostly focuses on the structure of a sale (which is a great place to start) and will allow your staff to understand how to transition a patient from “just looking” to asking “buying questions” to closing the sale.

Consumer training talks more in-depth about the different types of customers, their shopping habits, interaction needs, and personality types.  This type of intimate look into the psychology of  a consumer will develop your staff’s understanding about the type of patient they are engaging and will help them guide the sales transaction in a manor that suits the consumers needs.

Increased Profits Tip #3: Hire People with a Sales Background.

This tip is largely overlooked.  When hiring new staff, many practice’s focus on finding the best optician, not the best sales person.  While having great optical skills is a definite bonus, hiring people with sales/retail experience (and teaching them the optical side) is a talent-rich pool that many practice’s fail to consider.  People with a sales background will be more inclined to push for second pair sales or upgrade opportunities which will increase your average ticket sales, multiple pair sales, and will help your practice earn increased profits from patient to patient.

Mike Rolih is the President of MIRRO, Inc. a cutting edge consulting firm providing eyecare professionals with trainingmarketing, and human resource solutions.  For more information, you can visit MIRRO at



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